GDS Transport, the typeface used on GOV.UK, is restricted by license for use on domains. Internal services can't use GDS Transport and should instead use the open source Roboto typeface.

Roboto is similar to Helvetica and Arial but is optimised for screens, making it easier to read online.


Mark up headings semantically using the appropriate heading level and use a corresponding heading class to apply styling.

Heading xlarge

Heading large

Heading medium

Heading small

Body content

The default font size is 19px on large screens and 16px on smaller screens.

Multi-use caseworking services tend to be more complex and should be optimised for speed. Smaller font sizes are acceptable but the minimum on large screens should be 16px.


Links should be blue and underlined.


If your service uses text in a way that is not shown here, let us know of any insights you have on accessibility considerations.