Ask users forPassport details

You can ask for passport details in 3 ways. Users can:

Use the public register of identity documents to see the similarities and differences between passports from around the world.

When to use this pattern

This is for both internal staff members and members of the public providing their passport details.

You may find that your particular use case or user needs means you need to adjust the guidance based on your research.

How it works

In all the methods, you should make it clear to the user which passport details to enter, because a person may have several.

Consider how the information is used, are there internal processes that need to handle incorrect information being entered?


Consider that users may need more than one method for capturing the information. What do they do if they hit a barrier?

Help us improve these patterns

Entering passport details needs improving. We need evidence about:

  • asking for information from emergency passports
  • asking for information from other identity documents, such as national identity cards, UK residence card, biometric residence card, biometric residence permit
  • how the search for nationality should work, do better matches appear closer to the top, what about alternative country names so ‘Britain’
  • if nationality or country of nationality is clearer to users, particularly observed confusion over the options being mostly countries
  • if country of issue causes a barrier for entering passports issued by an organisation (say the European Union) rather than a country
  • the hint text for country of issue, how do users interpret the first page of the passport

To contribute, add your thoughts and research findings to our GitHub discussion, or follow our contribute guidance.