Help users toAdd multiple things

Also known as: add another

An interaction that allows a user to add multiple items of the same thing, check and add more if needed.

An example of an interaction to add multiple addresses

When to use this pattern

This interaction allows a user to add single or multiple items, check they are correct and provide an option to add more. This pattern can be used to add people to an application, add items to a list or upload files.

Follow this pattern:

  • to help confirm an action
  • to allow the user to change their minds
  • when the action is not easily reversible
  • when the completion immediately starts another process

How it works

When adding multiple items of the same thing, the pattern should:

  • remember previous choices
  • give clear guidance on the flexibility of choices

Services using this pattern

  • Firearms licensing
  • Refugee integration loan


More research is needed. If your service uses this pattern, get in touch to share your user research findings.


If your service uses this pattern, let us know of any insights you have on accessibility considerations.

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