ContributeDesign system working group

The Home Office design system working group is a cross-functional team. It’s made up of interaction and content design, user research, accessibility, and front-end development.

They meet every 2 weeks where they will:

  • review new discussions and whether something else better meets the need
  • check how discussions are progressing and if it needs support from the group
  • decide when a discussion is ready to become a pattern or component in the design system
  • identify any discussions that are covered by the GOV.UK design system and raise it with them

The working group will also:

  • move discussions to issues to be worked on by the working group
  • publish and update the Home Office design system
  • share updates about the Home Office design system and encourage the user-centred design community to get involved

If you have a question or idea, you can contact the working group: