Contribute to the design system

Anyone can contribute to the design system. For example, you can:

  • ask questions about a style, component or pattern
  • answer questions from others
  • share an example use of a component or pattern
  • share research relating to a style, component or pattern
  • request an addition or improvement to the content style guide
  • propose a new style, component or pattern

Make a suggestion

1. Check if there's already a discussion

Check if there are any open discussions about your suggestion on the design system GitHub.

2. Create a new discussion

If there is not a discussion, start a new discussion on GitHub. Select ‘ideas’ from the ‘select category’ list when starting to create the discussion.

For help, use our GitHub guide or ask the working group.

When discussing a proposal for a new component, try to explain why it should be included in our design system. If you can, include screenshots and research findings.

3. Share the discussion

Let the user-centred design and accessibility community know that you have posted a new discussion and ask their comments.

Share your discussion through Slack, show and tells and community meetups.

Consider giving your discussion topic a deadline of a few weeks.

4. Summarise the discussion

Use the comments to make a suggestion for an improvement or a new entry.

Contact if you'd like feedback on your discussion or for the design system working group to review it.

5. Updating the design system

The design system working group regularly assess discussions using the GOV.UK design system contribute criteria.

If the pattern or component is ready to be published, the working group will then raise an issue and progress this work further.

The working group will share updates in the user-centred design community email about proposal decisions and changes to the Home Office design system.