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Helping everyone

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The basics


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Do not:

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Examples of users with access needs
User Access need May find helpful
User content 1 Access need content 1 May find helpful content 1
User content 2 Access need content 2 May find helpful content 2
User content 3 Access need content 3 May find helpful content 3
User content 4 Access need content 4 May find helpful content 4
User content 5 Access need content 5 May find helpful content 5

Creating good _____

Link text needs to clearly show which page it will open when clicked.

Make them visible

Links should be easy to spot on a page and be clearly different from the surrounding text.

You should always use at least two differences when deciding how links will look. Most often this will be colour and underlining.

Make them unsurprising

Does the link do what the user expects when they click it?

It's important that, along with clear link text, a link takes the user to where they expect to go and does not do anything unexpected.

Normally a user expects a link to take them to a new page within the current browser window or tab that they're in.

Get in touch

If you’ve got a question or suggestion share it on the Home Office DDaT Slack channel #ask-accessibility or email