Get involvedSuggest a new pattern or component

Anyone can suggest adding a new component or pattern to the Home Office design system.

1. Check the backlog

Check if the pattern or component is already on the backlog. If it is, feel free to comment and post screenshots of your example. Tell the working group if you want to contribute to it.

2. Share the work

Talk about the pattern or component to the community. Share your work, as other teams might be working on the same thing. Gather feedback and examples from the community.

3. Raise a new issue

If your idea is not on the backlog, raise an issue in Github. You can use our Github guide to help you do this, or get in touch with the working group.

The working group will get in touch to discuss your proposal.

When raising an issue, explain why you think it should be included in the design system. You can also include screenshots and research notes.