Get involvedUsing GitHub to propose design system changes

This guide explains how to propose a new pattern or component and edit and comment on existing suggestions.

The design system working group uses a system called GitHub to help manage and review suggestions of new patterns, components or other design system changes to the Home Office design system.

You’ll need a GitHub account to make a proposal. If you do not have an account, you can create one for free.

1. Go to GitHub

Go to the Home Office design system GitHub page:

The Issues tab presents the list of all proposals – both open and closed. To add your proposal, click on the New Issue button to the right of the list.

Github issue screen with a highlight around the New issue button

2. Add the details of your proposal

Give it a descriptive and useful title.

The text area is prepopulated as a guide to help you format and explain your proposal. Overwrite the text sections with the details of your proposal, providing as much information as you can.

You can add files, such as screen shots and images, to support your submission.

The material you provide will help the design working group to make an informed decision on your proposal.

Showing create a new issue screen in Github with a highlight around add a title input

3. Submit your proposal

Once you have added the necessary information, select the Submit new issue button at the foot of the page. Your proposal has been added to the list.

Create a new issue screen focused on the text input area and highlighting the submit new issue button

4. Editing and commenting

You can edit your own proposal and also comment on others in the list.

Whether editing or commenting, you can add files (such as screenshots or images) to proposals.

To edit your issue, click on the title of the issue, select the 3-dot icon in the top right of the text area, and then choose Edit.

Screen displaying an issue that has been created and highlighting a drop down menu on how to edit the issue

To give feedback on other proposals in the Issues list, click on the title to open it and leave a comment in the Write field. Select the Comment button beneath the field to save your text.

Screen displaying an issue that has been created and highlighting the area where you can add comments and feedback on that issue